Sam Weber, VP, Technical Services, KnowNow, presents on using RSS to bridge the information management gap between the people and information that drive business.

KnowNow's premise: information overload creates a gap.
E-Mail is overused
- 50% of email is junk
- a communication platform or storage device?

Static portals are broken
- <20% find portals useful
- 16 clicks to find useful information

Search isn't the answer, either
- > 50% of searches are successful
- Burden lies on user

60% of managers miss information critical to their jobs - accenture.

(OK, we're getting to a solution...)

Syndication (they call it Live Information Management) is a solution.

Step 1: Access & Monitor all information sources (Employers, Customers, Partners)
Better to monitor in lightweight fashion than to move data

Step 2: Automate relevancy
Have the system recognize what user's are interested in

Step 3: Push relevant information
Users should not have to visit a portal or a knowledge base. Information should come to them.

Step 4. Capture user's behavior  to tune the system and tell it what users actually want/use

Minimum Requirements
1. Monitor all sources
2. Match content to users based on relevancy
3. Leverage network effect
4. Deliver information to users as available
5. Provide enterprise security & content management
6. Enable end-user [personalization and control

Case studies. Several. One interesting one talked about a bank that upgraded from Notes R5 to SharePoint in the hopes of making information more easily accessible. Instead it now takes 16 clicks to get to the information compared to just a few in Notes R5. (Of course, I know nothing about their implementation, so not sure that this is a Notes or SharePoint issue, but certainly disappointing to see a dissatisfied company after moving from Notes to what they thought was a better platform.)

Enterprise Options for RSS:
1. Wait - use RSS in the few systems that offer it today
2. Go Status Quo - continue to overuse email as the main collaboration tool or bet on portals and search technologies
3. Implement an enterprise syndication tool to connect people and information, leverage portals, email, and search.

See; RSS Syndication of content

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