Inspired by Ben Poole's blog post' on Apple addition, I took the test.

Looks like I haven't reached the tipping point yet...

A few details about my Apple adventures:
My first foray into computer graphics programming was with a friend on his Apple IIc. We wrote title animation for a video production. It took 2 weeks to program and an hour to render 60 seconds of video.

1984ICALogo.gifIn response to some of the survey questions:
I purchased my first Mac in the 1980s.  It was a Mac classic with 128K or 512K of RAM (I forget). I bought it in order to create our company logo:

No one calls me for Apple support.

I once stuck an Apple Mac logo sticker to my IBM Thinkpad.

I wrote this blog post on a PC.

I do think Macs are beautiful to look at, and I'll probably own one before long, which is why I'm making sure eProductivity for Notes works fine on the Mac.

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So that you know who you are dealing with...


One sentence struck me hence my quick reply before signing off for dinner: "No one calls me for Apple support."

Why would people be calling you for Apple support? I simply brought my 80+ year old mother and all other machines (except my company owned working machine) in our family to Apple because it always works! So no need to call anyone for support!



Posted at 04/10/2008 9:08:58 by Peter

re: So that you know who you are dealing with...

I think that there are compelling arguments for both Apple and PC and their respective OS.

I've yet to see a support-free deployment of either, however, I'm impressed with the level of both.

My two ThinkPads (X61 tablet and T60p with XP) have been rock solid - they best machines I have ever owned.

Posted at 04/10/2008 12:04:28 by Eric Mack

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