So, what does it sound like?

Thursday, May 19th, 2005
Kevin C. Tofel just posted a comment to my blog:
The suspense is killing me! What does the sound of the box opening actually sound like?!?!?  Seriously, as a fellow Tab owner (Tosh Portege M205), you will LOVE your purchase!
Keven, it sounds GREAT!

Here are some pictures from the grand opening:

Podcasting the opening of my tablet.jpg
My table, set up to podcast the experience in STEREO

2. Laptop mode.jpg
The opened Tecra M4 in Laptop Mode

3. Tablet Mode.jpg
And, most important, the Tecra M4 in Tablet mode

I'll update this site with the podcast of the grand opening. Give me 10-15 minutes, then refresh this page. Otherwise, check for it in the rss feed in a few minutes.

Discussion/Comments (5):

So, what does it sound like?

Eric, we should all chip in and get you a real desk. :)

Posted at 05/19/2005 15:23:49 by James Kendrick

I´m dyin here..

Eric.. I'm dyin here.. more more more! :)

Posted at 05/19/2005 15:24:13 by jason

So, what does it sound like?

PS. The Tecra is gorgeous!

Posted at 05/19/2005 15:24:13 by James Kendrick

re: So, what does it sound like?

James, I guess you've not seen my real desk - that's a folding table I set up just so that I would have room to open the tablet. Here's my real desk

Posted at 05/19/2005 15:25:56 by Eric Mack

I´m drooling!

Drool!!!! :-)

Posted at 05/19/2005 16:12:44 by Marc

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