Staying on the line with a homebuilt robot

Friday, November 25th, 2005
Amy and Wendy recently decided to build a test platform to further develop their programming skills.


Specifically, they wanted to build a robot to follow a line. They emailed me this video clip of their latest LEGO robot following an electrical tape line around grandma's kitchen. (See below.) Programming a robot to follow a line can be a challenge. I'm proud of Amy and Wendy for taking the initiative to learn how to solve this problem on their own.

Learn more about their robotics team, The LEGO Mountaineers, here.

Click on the podcast link below to watch the video.

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Sorry for posting video as a podcast

I'm testing the latest version of DominoBlog with does some neat things behind the scenes for handling media files. This was a quick shortcut to get the video on-site, properly catalogued. I will work with Steve to come up with a better way to classify videos and separate them from podcasts.

Posted at 11/25/2005 16:17:32 by Eric Mack

Very cool Eric!

Thanks for taking the time to go over the Lego Mindstorms with me. I cannot wait until Christmas to dive into this with my son.

Posted at 11/26/2005 5:22:05 by Kevin Tupper

Lego Insanity

Hi Eric,

I immediately thought of you when I saw this amazing (although oddly disturbing) video of a Lego knitting machine:

{ Link }


Posted at 01/16/2006 13:20:09 by Mark

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