Surprises in the Digital Sandbox

Monday, July 11th, 2005
You never know what will turn up when you dig around in the digital sandbox. Sometimes, even I'm taken by surprise. In this second installment on Michael Sampson's recent visit to the Digital Sandbox, we briefly catch up and take a quick tour of some of the tools I use at work. Part way through the podcast, Michael opened his briefcase and shows me his new productivity tool. Needless to say, this will certainly change the tone of our visit and our trip across the country.  

Show highlights:

- Unified Messaging (Big Sky Technologies)
- The mother of all digital whiteboards - the Xerox LiveBoard
- The HP Digital Sender
- Michael's big surprise. (Hint: it's not a new Apple PowerBook)
- OneNote Shared Sessions
- Brief overview of the OneNote podcast by Amy & Wendy

For reasons which will become obvious in the podcast I will delay posting the photos related to this podcast.

Michael Sampson in the Digital Sandbox

Eric Mack On-line - June 16, (11 min 7 sec) MP3  5.5 MB

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