Taking Notes in the Snow

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
Yesterday, I complained to my friend, Bruce Elgort, about the lack of new Taking Notes podcasts. Bruce promptly sent me a link to this weekend's Taking Notes podcast, an outstanding interview with Thomas Gumz. Apparently, I was behind the times, having just returned from a few days working with David Allen and the GTD delivery staff in Ojai. (More on that later.)


This afternoon, I loaded the podcast in my new iPod shuffle - the one with the engraved words "Eric loves all things Mac(k)" - courtesy of Michael Sampson, and headed out, snow shovel in hand, to clear my driveway and locate my car.

If you are in any way involved with the Lotus Notes Admin/Developer community, you owe it to yourself to check out Taking Notes. Bruce and his partner, Julian Robichaux do a great job with their interviews; always interesting people and interesting topics. And, the quality of their podcasts is improving with each episode.

While I'm on this topic, I'd like to publicly thank Bruce and Julian for their dedication and contribution to the Notes community. Their tireless efforts to promote, educate, and build a community resource is greatly appreciated.

Taking Notes is one of the few podcasts on my iTunes list.

Link: Taking Notes Podcast

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Taking Notes in the Snow

You have an Apple product in the house????? Wow, whatever next!!!!!


Posted at 02/13/2007 18:48:41 by Michael Sampson

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