My close friend and colleague, Tanny O'Haley, recently redesigned his DominoBlog site and I think that he's done an amazing job, too.


Tanny and I have been using Steve Castledine's excellent DominoBlog template (now the IBM Blogging Template) to manage our web sites.

Who said that a Domino web site had to be dull?
Over the years, Tanny has helped me launch several web sites, public and private, using Steve's template. With each site design, Tanny pushed the envelope a bit further in features and functionality. Some of the new DominoBlog sites that Tanny and I are about to launch include support for embedded video (flash/wmv) and live video streaming, custom controls, and lightbox photo galleries. The best part of this is that the entire site lives in a single Domino database. Content, design, and content management are all accessible and easily managed from Notes and Web clients.

Like the famed cobbler, however, Tanny's own web site lacked many of these site improvements. And, compared to the sites he's designed for me, his was, well...

I'm pleased to report that Tanny's site has received a face-lift, which he's calling Ocean.

In addition to his incredible master-level programming skills (Tanny co-designed the MailScout product with me in 1993), Tanny has a keen eye for simplicity and beauty in software design, preferring quiet functionality to animated GIFs. [OK, inside joke.]

Tanny chronicles the design process for his site redesign on his blog. It's an interesting read and full of valuable resources for web designers.  

Take a look.

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