Tobor is born

Thursday, January 31st, 2002
This month, I volunteered to be one of the mentors for the Frazier Mountain High School Robotics Team in the U.S. First Competition.  I am helping to teach the students to build and program a robot that we they use to compete against robots from other high schools.   We had our kick-off at NASA/JPL just after New Year's with a live satellite feed, hosted by Dean Kamen.  
Image:Tobor is born
This may not be the type of competition you will see on television, where the intent is to damage the other robots.  Each team is challenged to score as many points as they are able, while doing several activities.  Amy and Wendy have been able to join me for many of the meetings.  We are now known officially, as Team 981. The kids decided to name the robot Tobor.  Figure it out.

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