That’s much better

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
If you've been following my Tablet PC adventure, you'll know
what this means.

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That´s much better

Took me a minute to work it out - of course, you said you wouldn't until the 30-day returns time was up.

I did that to my M200 almost as soon as it was out of the box. If they want them to stay on, they should at least put them on straight in the first place.

Posted at 07/23/2005 11:09:21 by Michael Randall

That´s much better


Warning! Due to reports of burn injuries by M4 owners do not under any circumstances remove the "temperature damping devices" placed for your safety near the trackpad on your device. The possibility of severe burns exists, especially if running your Tecra M4 in full power mode for extended periods of time.

Posted at 07/23/2005 12:17:18 by James Kendrick

That´s much better

"If I'd only purchased a Mac PowerBook, I wouldn't have experienced a productivity decrease due to having to manually remove the stickers."

Posted at 07/26/2005 1:42:10 by Michael Sampson

That´s much better

Not only do we spam the inside, we spam the outside as well...

Posted at 08/04/2005 20:09:34 by Matt

That’s much better

cool it is coooooooooooooooooool

Posted at 04/22/2009 14:27:09 by aaron thornton

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