I've just finished a debriefing meeting with my team following this morning's "Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes" web event with David Allen.

We're still trying to wrap our head around the overwhelming response to this event. Clearly, there are a lot of people using Lotus Notes who want to be more productive at what they do.

We had over 900 pacesetters from over 400 organizations, asking over 500 questions, and a very high level of engagement in the discussion. That's even more activity than the very successful GTD web event for IBMers three weeks ago. Apparently, the #GTDLN Twitter feed was also quite active as well.

I was also surprised at the number of people that do not use Lotus Notes who attended in order to learn more about Lotus Notes.  In fact, a few people wrote to ask if we would spend more time on Lotus Notes itself. Glad to see that interest. (Perhaps IBM should consider scheduling some live events like this for people new to Lotus Notes?)

As often happens in a live event, we ran out of time and I apologize for that. I had to skip many slides and a live demo. I know we could never have answered every question that came in, but I would like to have more time for Q&A. I'll have to improve that for the next event.

There were many popular questions (I'm still processing) including:

"How can I watch a replay or get a copy of the slides?"

We're working out the details but be sure to subscribe to the newsletter as we will share links to the replay events and downloads there. Or, you can visit the eProductivity web site.

"I don't use Lotus Notes yet but I want to. How do I get started?"

Good question. There are many excellent Lotus Business Partners out there than can help. Many of our first-time Notes customers (people that purchase Lotus Notes just so they can run eProductivity) have reported great success with Phase2. They have a hosted Notes solution that seems to work well for our customers. (I will blog about this, soon.)

"Is there a version of eProductivty for Outlook?"

I wish I made $ every time sonone asked that question. Sorry. Currently, eProductivity is for IBM Lotus Notes only. Outlook users may want to look at the NetCentrics GTD Add-in for Outlook. I have no plans to make eProductivity for Outlook. I'm much more interested in bring eProductivity to mobile devices rand the Cloud.

"How can I try eProductivity for myself?"

Easy. go here to get started with a free demo (simply download, open, and go) or a free 21-day trial

"What's the special offer you made on the webinar?"

It's great deal. Sorry, that's for registered webinar attendees only. Consider signing up for the next webinar.

"When is the next webinar"

Tomorrow. See the upcoming webinar event schedule for details.

I want to give a big shout out to the tech team who had their hands full trying to handle the volume of incoming email, skypes, questions, and twitter feeds. Great job!

Looking at the incoming email, which is now filling up, it looks like it will be a few more hours before I can mark this event "completed."

Thank you to everyone who attended. I'll try to post more information once I have time to process the day's event.

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