The Workplace in transition

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
A typical 21 year old. 100 calls on mobile phone, but 2500 text messages. Something's going on in technology and how people use it. But are employers ready for the change in the work force entering the employment market?
Presentation: Marthin De Beer, Senior VP of Cisco's emerging technologies group

Social networking is making is way into the workplace. Ready or not, it will be in your business, too. Whether you embrace it and bring it in or whether the new workers bring it in on their mobile devices or through their network of social interaction.

Technology in transition

Unique persona blending:
- The user
- Interacting
- The Network (public vs private)
- Anywhere, Anytime
- Any capability [users can get their hands on]

Transformation of the Web:

WEB 1.0

 is the destination
Need to know where to go
Structured and managed
Requires Search


is the destination
Only need to know What
Open, unmanaged

WEB 2.0 Transforms all of this

Transformation of Content Creation:
Empowering the end-user. Low cost computing and collaboration tools.

Video is the next frontier for collaboration:

Great video clip

Words are powerful

A picture is worth a thousands words

A video says it all

The future is any media, anywhere, and on any device. The network will be the platform for collaboration.

Thoughts  on Web 2.0
Defined  by users
Evolving every day
Hard to imagine what it will be tomorrow

Video is...
Finally here to stay
Most experiential medium
Fastest growing medium in Web 2.0

The challenge is to make video a part of everything you do.

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The Workplace in transition

I am interested in the statistic you quote at the beggining here: "A typical 21 year old. 100 calls on mobile phone, but 2500 text messages."

Do you remember if this is per week, or per something?


Posted at 07/02/2007 5:57:28 by Paul Garrett

re: The Workplace in transition

Paul, if I recall correctly, it was a monthly figure.

Posted at 07/02/2007 8:54:40 by Eric Mack

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