Tracy decides to give OneNote another try

Friday, January 27th, 2006
In our paperless challenge podcast, Tracy Hooten, of the Student Tablet PC blog, told me that she wanted to to reevaluate OneNote.

I shared my experiences and I told her that although I had worked with OneNote at 30'000 feet, I'd not really put OneNote a thorough evaluation in a production environment.  It told her it was something I was planning to do.  I'll probably draft up a new challenge soon, using OneNote. I'm particularly interested to evaluate the pros and cons of using OneNote and GTD.

In any case, you can read about Tracy's OneNote adventures here.  If you'd like to learn about OneNote for collaboration, be sure to listen to Amy & Wendy's podcast on OneNote and Shared Sessions.

I'll edit and post the next segment of the paperless challenge podcast as soon as I free up some more disk space.  If you've subscribed to this site's RSS feed then you'll be among the first to know about it.

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