Very small U.S. FIRST Robotics Kickoff, tomorrow!

Thursday, September 14th, 2006
It looks like this year's robotics competition will be very small. Very, very small... I just received this email from FIRST headquarters:
Greetings Teams:

Two days and counting until Nano Quest is unveiled!   You and your team are about to enter a world where big things happen at the nano level.  Like Alice through the looking glass, get ready to zoom out of the world we know, through a super high-powered atomic microscope to the strange world of individual atoms. Sure it sounds like science fiction, but the future has arrived.

Gather your team for a prime seat in front of the computer as the Nano Quest Kickoff gets underway on September 15th, 12:00 noon EDT.

The kickoff will be available, live on the web, here.
Over 4300 teams have registered for the competition so far!

Our team is getting ready. The competition playing field is almost completely assembled and we have some great sponsors lined up this year. (I'll let the girls blog about that.) In the next week or so, we expect to update the team blog.

Meanwhile, you can read about previous competitions, here.

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