Ideal podcast length?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
I'm making slow but steady progress on the plans for the eProductivity.NET blog site and podcasts. I plan to keep the specifics under wraps a little while longer until I'm ready to launch. (For those who have already clicked the link on the site, no need to click again. When I'm ready, I'll send you an announcement and a link to a special podcast and the RSS feed).

I'm working on the outline for the eProductivity.NET podcast show format.  I'm curious to know what your ideal podcast length is and why.

Fifteen minutes? 5 minutes? 20 Minutes?

What works for you?

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I vote for under 15 minutes.

I vote for under 15 minutes.

Posted at 04/12/2005 11:53:06 by Promo

5-10 minutes is a good length

5-10 minutes is a good length, in my opinion. It's not too long ... it can be listened to in one go, and it provides a quick snapshot of a topic.

Posted at 04/12/2005 15:02:14 by Michael Sampson

I like 20-30 minutes ...

I like 20-30 minutes because that means I can listen to it in two junks. One on the way to work, the other on the way back (short commute times here in Perth :). Having said that I struggle keeping mine under 30, mainly because to explore a topic properly I think you need 30-40 minutes, at least. Anything under that, and you're only skimming a topic.


Posted at 04/12/2005 23:44:07 by Richard Giles

I prefer 5-15 minute podcasts.

I prefer 5-15 minute podcasts. However, if the subject matter is interesting I would listen to whatever you say Eric :-)

Posted at 04/13/2005 7:51:03 by Bruce Elgort

Ideal podcast length?

I like 30 minutes. It is perfect for the trip to work and for a workout. I wish I could

Posted at 04/11/2006 10:10:07 by Mike Korner

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