Wikinomics: Winning with Enterprise 2.0

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
Don Tapscott, Author of Wikinomics, spoke about how Enterprise 2.0 will change the way we do business.


Don agrees that the enterprise is moving into the second generation.

Transition from closed hierarchical structure to a new kind of open networked enterprise.

Nicholas Carr is wrong :-) in that IT does matter, says Tapscott.

The web is a new mode of production. Four drivers of change:
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 based on HTML, a standard for the presentation of information.
New web is based on XML, a standard for computation of information
Web is no longer accessed through a just PC, but now through many devices. the web is now, "the thing."

The NET Generation
Kids are effortlessly able to use all of this new technology. Baby boom echo age 13--28. They are reading, thinking, collaborating, innovating.
No more generation gap. This is the generation lap - when kids lap their parents in technology. E-mail - that's so last century. E-mail is something you would use to send, perhaps a thank you letter... to your friend's parents....

The Social Revolution
Self-organizing groups is a powerful force for collaboration in the enterprise.

The Economic revolution
We do have the buble. Now, we are moving into decades of long-term deployment.  (Note: search YouTube for video on Don Tapscott and Eric Schmidt.) Gave a great example of Google as a new species of business. Collaboration is beginning to change the architecture of business.

Industrial Age > Extended Enterprise > Business Webs > Mass Collaboration

The cost of collaboration, because of IT, is dropping, which allows companies to create business webs.

New ways to increase the metabolism of your business
1. Peering
2. Being open
3. Sharing killing your competitioin by sharing knowledge
4. Acting Global

{Note to self: go back and listen to Don's case study on goldcorp and consider it in light of eProductivity, perhaps as a way to partnher with others and create a truly great product.)

Enterprise 2.0 - The New Business Models:
1. Peer pioneers
2. Ideagoras creating an eBay for innovation. (See P&G Slide) Crowdsourced software. Topcoder.
3. Prosumers (get into second life) Linden Labs: 99% of product is built by consumers. Go see Wikinomics wiki for final chapter.
4. The New Alexandrians: The sharing of science
5. Open Platforms - Amazon API has 200,000 programmers that don;t work for Amazon
6. The Global Plant Floor: Boeing is now an information company, working woth peers.
7. Wiki workplace the use of wikis blogs, collaborative filtering, social networking,RSS, blogs, etc.

Crisis of leadership - see the clide to finds out who the users and losers of E2.0 will be....

The model of the corporation is changing. Nothing so powerful as an idea has come - Victor Hugo.

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