X1/MSN Search MindManager & Lotus Notes?

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
I'm still waiting for X1 to add MindManager search capability to their product. I've been testing their Lotus Notes Support for many weeks. The Notes support is OK, but not quite ready for prime time, IMHO. And, they have yet to implement the list of fixes and required features that I sent them.

I've pitched the idea of adding MindManager support to execs at both companies. The folks at MindManager have indicated that they are willing to play. I hope that the folks at X1 decide to play, too; I think MindManager support in X1 would be a powerful addition to their product.

For now, X1's still on my "must watch, but wait and see" list.

Meanwhile, the new Desktop search toolbar from Microsoft apparently allows plug-ins. And, there's a plugin for Mindmanager!  (ComputerWorld | add-in)

A while back, I blogged about how my ideal desktop search tool would include support for both MindManager and Lotus Notes. I wonder if we'll see a MSN Search toolbar add-in filter for Lotus Notes?

If they did, I might switch gto MSN. My clients might, too.

Wishful thinking?

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X1/MSN Search MindManager & Lotus Notes?

I strongly agree with the need for a MindManager plug-in for X1. It would be a big improvement.

My biggest gripe now with X1 is the sluggish performance of the system during any indexing. For laptop users it is very difficult to schedule an "off-time" index. When I'm not using my laptop, it's powered off.

When you look at Spotlight on a Mac there is no comparison (yet).

However, despite it's flaws, X1 is a revolutionary improvement in search capabilities for Windows/Lotus Notes users and I do still recommend it.

Posted at 05/19/2005 8:54:08 by Ted

re: X1/MSN Search MindManager & Lotus Notes?

I agree Ted. I hope that folks will speak up and let X1 know what they want.

IF anyone uses MindManager and X1, and IF they want to see the two products work together, make a post here. I'll forward the comments to both companies. Better yet, send an email to X1 and MindManager directly to let them know what you would like to see.

Posted at 05/19/2005 13:39:40 by Eric Mack

X1/MSN Search MindManager & Lotus Notes?

{ Link } There is a Mindmanager X5 filter addin, doesn't seem like it would be too much to get X1.

Posted at 05/21/2005 22:28:39 by Aaron

X1/MSN Search MindManager & Lotus Notes?

I too would like to see X1 search MindManager.

Posted at 12/05/2007 8:25:49 by John S.

X1/MSN Search MindManager & Lotus Notes?


Which desktop search are you using? Copernic or Google, or has Vista's inherent search proven sufficient?

Posted at 12/13/2007 14:11:17 by Trevor Nelson

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