Yes, it’s true

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

It's hard to hide from the web.

Thank you, Michael, my friend, for your kind words and birthday greeting.

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re: Yes, it’s true

It's also hard to hide from my twin, born just 24 days ahead of me.

Posted at 07/26/2007 11:19:21 by Eric Mack

Yes, it’s true

Try this link instead ... { Link }

And yes, Happy Birthday!


Posted at 07/26/2007 12:05:09 by Michael Sampson

Yes, it’s true

Hey you are looking cute in your photo.

Having a Great friend link Michael is really God's gift for you in your life. I Like His Greeting wishes.

Posted at 11/02/2007 2:07:55 by William Light

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